Gary Lind - President and Chief Instructor - Illinois Public Safety Training Group.  

Gary is a certified Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer and pistol armorer for Springfield Firearms.  

Gary brings over 16 years of firearms handling experience to the table.  Gary is a certified Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor, Certified Range Safety Officer and Certified NRA Firearms Instructor. 

Gary is a graduate of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Las Vegas and Final Option Minnesota for Defensive Handgun. 

Gary is an active shooter IDPA and USPSA and maintains memberships with ILEETA, NRA, ITOA, ISRA and NACFI. 

Daniel Lempa - President Emeritus 

2013 - 2018

2018 Security and Training Consultant 

Dan brings to the table 25 years of law enforcement and public safety experience.

Dan is a certified law enforcement firearms instructor, Illinois concealed carry instructor Range Safety Officer and is a Immediate Action Rapid Deployment Instructor.

Dan specializes in Firearms training,  less lethal munitions such as chemical agents and TASER as well as defensive tactics training.  Dan currently holds instructor certifications for each of these disciplines.

Dan served on a Emergency Response Team and was an active member of the teams training division overseeing firearms and less lethal munitions. 

Dan continues to teach Rapid Deployment and workplace violence awareness & prevention classes to several agencies.

Recognizing the importance of post incident care, Dan has completed training with NAEMT in Bleeding Control for the injured and Medical Tactics for patrol 


Dan is an armorer for Glock and Springfield Products and can assist with repairs and some modifications.

Dan is an active member of ILEETA, ITOA, NRA and IALEFI 


Joe Pavlik - Instructor and Range Safety Officer